About Us

The Columbiahalle, built in 1951 as a sports hall for US soldiers and visitors, has been a versatile established event location since 1998 in Berlin's Tempelhof district, directly on the border with Kreuzberg.

Numerous artists and organizers have already realized their concepts and carried them out successfully.

It is ideal for concerts of all kinds. However, other events such as comedy shows, fairs, public events, presentations, company parties, sports events, fashion shows and showcases can be ideally implemented here.

With a capacity of up to 3,500 standing places, it is spacious and at the same time very intimate. It offers a good view of the stage from all perspectives.

A seating of the main hall is possible, as well as on the balcony level.

It is therefore one of the most impressive and intimate locations of this size in the heart of the capital.

For your refreshment needs, five bars are available which can be reached quickly from all areas, as well as a barbeque cabin in the garden. The beautiful outdoor area, which can of course be integrated in event concepts, rounds off the entire complex around the Columbiahalle.

Music Events

With a customizable stage that can adjust the capacity, a series of high profile bands (see Archive) have transformed the Columbiahalle into a crowd puller.

The hall has a modern, spacious backstage area including star dressing rooms and an artists garden.

The centrally located, well-equipped catering area has direct access to the car park and is in close proximity to the stage and the artists' dressing rooms.

The direct access to the parking area and two loading docks make loading logistics easy to implement. If required, the in-house delay line can be used to ensure the best possible sound even underneath the balcony areas.

The room acoustics

For a hall of this size, the room acoustics are outstanding and are unrivaled even in Europe. Due to the (insulating) upper rank and the material properties of walls and ceilings, the room sounds optimal at almost every location and is almost free from diffuse sound reflections. Even on the area below the rank, which can not be directly sounded from the stage, it sounds good, because there a permanently installed additional sonication (a so-called delay line) is used.

Many national and international artists use the Columbiahalle for rehearsals before their tours or festivals. In addition, the hall is used by high-end public address systems companies as a demonstration room for their systems: i.a. Meyer-Sound, dB Technologies and Martin Audio.

Industry Events

Not only musical events find a home at the Columbiahalle. Numerous companies have already implemented their event concepts for conferences, lectures and company celebrations. The venue can also be used for film recordings and streaming events.

For events that require more space, e.g. Fairs, it is possible to completely remove the stage.

The entire event complex can be extended through use of the Columbia-Theater.

The venue can also be redesigned accordingly to accommodate banquets and Gala evenings.

The C-Lounge is the ideal location for building a classy yet relaxed atmosphere. In addition to sufficient seating, it also offers its own bar and access to the balcony viewing area. It is the ideal place to receive important guests in a private and premium space. The adjoining garden area can also be included in the planning.

Due to the large loading area two trucks can be loaded and unloaded at the same time and is therefore the ideal prerequisite for a swift set up and dismantling.

Sport Events

Once built as a sports hall by the US Air Force, the current concept of use of course also provides for the integration of sports events.

Depending on the sporting event, the stage and hall can be ideally adapted to the respective event.

The competent and very experienced staff of the Columbiahalle will gladly assist you with the planning and implementation of your individual event